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Chris Jones

One of my main influences has been American artist Edward Hopper. I’ve always been fascinated by the solitude portrayed in his work and how he conveyed the experience of city life.

For over twenty years I’ve explored the compositional possibilities created by figures in an urban environment. Elevated viewpoints are used to transform pavements into backdrops for strong, pictorial compositions. Atmospheric, frozen moments are created from everyday scenes, often exploiting strong sunlight, shadows and the muted tones of winter. Silent figures, sometimes dramatically foreshortened, go about their daily routines seemingly oblivious to each other.

My work provokes contemplation and conveys both a sense of stillness and movement. I enjoy giving the viewer the opportunity to engage with a narrative if they wish or to simply to enjoy the elements of shape, colour, light and dark which are so important to me.

'Eye to Eye' 50 x 50cms. oil on canvas.

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