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Dana Lazarus Cass

Using a variety of clays and techniques that include throwing, extruding and slip-casting, Dana creates miniature tableaux in clay.  The thrown elements act as a staghe or landscape setting for an unfolding drama, which allows the viewer to engage with the work and to develop their own narratives.

Through the addition of mixed media she highlights pshychological 'curiosities' and aims to infuse a sense of the surreal and fantastic.

Irony, despair, wit and nuances of the human condition are what she hopes to communicte through her work. 

She is a post graduate of the University of Westminster, Harrow and her ceramics have already been seen and bought by a growing band of discerning collectors.


To see more examples of Dana's work, click on one of the numbers below. If you'd like to contact us, click here.



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