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Corman Arts
Photographs by Ruth Corman

This collection of new work by Ruth Corman is entitled Figuratively Speaking

From her visits to countries as far afield as Vietnam and Cuba, Ruth has put together a collection of portraits of people met during her travels - people with whom she engaged in conversation to learn something about their lives.

Starting from her original photograph, Ruth then works carefully to eliminate extraneous details - leaving the figure often in a sculptural form. She then alters the image resulting in artwork which bears more resemblance to painting than photography.

Each piece is then mounted on aluminium and set into a deep black box frame.

"I do not like glass to intrude between the viewer and the image - this is why I choose aluminium as my medium of choice"

With every image there is a narrative - Ruth wants to capture the essence of each individual by paring away all unneccessary visual elements and leaving simply the form and nature of the individual.

The Teacher by Ruth Corman

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