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Photographs by Ruth Corman

This collection of new work by Ruth Corman is entitled Catalyst Abstract Series

Ruth Corman’s Catalyst Abstract series came about as a direct response to a client, called appropriately ‘Catalyst’. They were looking for artwork that would reinforce their company image and ethos.

Strong colours were called for, in particular earth colours to complement their décor.

A sense of movement and flow was also sought in the images - to link in to the curved lines that appear in their corporate publicity.

So it was from these beginnings that the new work developed and eventually took on a life of its own.

The work is a natural progression for Ruth - whose early photography was based on the transformation of the insignificant into something that was invested with importance. This has now been taken one stage further to produce artwork that is life enhancing and original.

These works can be produced in a range of sizes up to 1 metre square - and can be mounted on aluminium or framed as a print. They are in editions limited to six of each image.

Aztec series by Ruth Corman

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